#RoamResponsibly Charter


We, Scotland's Instagrammers, love our beautiful country. However, we are concerned about the natural environment and want to ensure that it is conserved in as beautiful a condition for future generations to enjoy. We recognise the rare privilege of statutory access rights to most of the Scottish outdoors, and wish to guarantee that such a privilege is not being wrongfully exploited. We acknowledge that we can only hold access rights if we exercise them responsibly (Section 1., Scottish Outdoor Access Code 2015).

1.     We commit to #roamresponsibly and take responsibility for our actions when in nature.

2.     We commit to leaving NO trace of our visit out in nature by

a.     doing NO harm to plants or wildlife

b.     leaving NO waste behind

c.      NOT camping in the same spot for more than 3 days

3.     We commit to understanding the freedoms and restrictions laid out in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code 2015.

4.     We commit to not camp near

a.     houses and gardens, non-residential buildings and associated land;

b.     land in which crops are growing;

c.      land next to a school and used by the school;

d.     sports or playing fields when these are in use and where the exercise of access rights would interfere with such use;

e.     land developed and in use for recreation and where the exercise of access rights would interfere with such use;

f.       golf courses (but you can cross a golf course provided you don’t interfere with any games of golf);

g.     places like airfields, railways, telecommunication sites, military bases and installations, working quarries and construction sites; and

h.     visitor attractions or other places which charge for entry.

i.       areas where local authorities formally exempt land from access rights for short periods or have introduced byelaws. We commit to following these restrictions accordingly. (Sections 5. & 6., Scottish Outdoor Access Code, 2015).

5.     We understand that access rights do not extend to:

a.     being on or crossing land for the purpose of doing anything which is an offence, such as theft, breach of the peace, nuisance, poaching, allowing a dog to worry livestock, dropping litter, polluting water or disturbing certain wild birds, animals and plants;

b.     hunting, shooting or fishing;

c.      any form of motorised recreation or passage (except by people with a disability using a vehicle or vessel adapted for their use);

d.     anyone responsible for a dog which is not under proper control; or to

e.     anyone taking away anything from the land for a commercial purpose. (Section 7., Scottish Outdoor Access Code, 2015).

6.     We commit to live by these values, to promote responsible behaviour when in nature and to spread the word to our friends, families and followers through Instagram.



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