An interview with Hidden Scotland

Photo by  Hidden Scotland

This week we welcome Hidden Scotland as our newest parter. Like me, many of you might have come across the beautiful @hiddenscotland Instagram feed, which fully embraces the moody beauty of Scotland. But there is more to it. Jack Cairney (@jackcairney), the founder of Hidden Scotland, describes the idea behind his venture:  "Since launching in 2016, Hidden Scotland started out by inspiring the inner adventure seeker in all of us through exquisite imagery from some of Scotland’s finest photographers via our social media channels."

Photo by  Hidden Scotland

Hidden Scotland has since also set up a beautiful website @jackcairney: "Our aim is to show the visitors to Scotland and people living in Scotland the best places to eat, sleep and visit. We have built an Itinerary Generator and Day Trip Planner to help visitors to our site plan their dream trip. 

This month we launched the Hidden Scotland Tour which is a small group adventure where you can experience some of the most dramatic landscapes Scotland has to offer. This 3-day tour guides you on an unforgettable journey from Glasgow, through magnificent glens and inspiring mountainscapes all the way to the Isle of Skye. The tour is taken by photographer Andrew Alexander. Andrew has an in depth understanding of the Highlands and Skye, which he has developed over the last 5 years and he is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and vision with you."

Photo by  Hidden Scotland

A couple of weeks ago Jack contacted RoamResponsibly to enquire after a partnership. Hidden Scotland was very excited to take part in the campaign to preserve Scotland's beauty.

@jackcairney: "I discovered the #RoamResonsibly campaign on instagram and after reading over their website and charter I instantly wanted to get involved. I think it's important to spread awareness of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and the great work Roam Responsibly are doing.

Sustainability is at the very heart of the Hidden Scotland. We are all responsible for looking after the environment and we believe that by working together to protect and preserve, we can truly make a difference. I believe nature belongs to us all and by working together we can preserve it not only for ourselves and future generations, but for the wildlife who also call it home. We have a great opportunity with Hidden Scotland to spread knowledge of responsible ways of enjoying and spending time outdoors in Scotland while inspiring people to take action to protect and preserve the Scottish landscapes and fully enjoy this beautiful country. "

Photo by  Hidden Scotland
An excerpt from  the Hidden Scotland Tour .

An excerpt from the Hidden Scotland Tour.

Hidden Scotland is a brilliant example of how a tourism business can incorporate raising awareness of responsible outdoor access in what they do. Not only will Hidden Scotland be promoting and sharing the message through their website and social media channels, but raising awareness will also be a part of their new Hidden Scotland Tour.

@jackcairney: We are delighted to partner with the #roamresponibly campaign and very proud to be an advocate. "

Photo by  Hidden Scotland

Blog post by @elsaannukka and @jackcairney