Introducing our first partner – CalMac Ferries

As you know, our campaign to #RoamResponsibly has kicked off and we are very excited to introduce our first partnering organisation: CalMac Ferries, who are joining us in a mission to promote responsible outdoor access in Scotland.

Isle of Harris by  @katstewart01

Isle of Harris by @katstewart01

If you have ever been to the west coast of Scotland, especially to the Scottish islands, you are probably well-aware of CalMac Ferries, who have been operating ferry connections to the Hebridean and Clyde islands for over 160 years. CalMac Ferries sails 475 times per day during summer and 350 per day in winter, transporting 4.9 million passengers per year to the lovely Scottish islands and back. The network stretches from Arran in the South to Lewis in north, spanning 28 destinations in total.

Isle of Eigg by  @elsaannukka

Isle of Eigg by @elsaannukka

CalMac improves the economy and livelihoods of the Scottish island communities and takes care of the environment by minimising the impact caused by their operations and enhancing the environment whenever possible. For example, CalMac is tackling litter at its sites to ensure no harm to wildlife and organises beach cleans with a local school in the Isle of Coll. CalMac is also active in spreading word about conservation and helping with conservation whenever possible: in Castlebay and Lochboisdale harbours CalMac has been able to enhance the habitat available for wildlife. CalMac recycles 75% of their waste and aims to reduce their fuel consumption.

Isle of Lewis by  @willmackenzie

Isle of Lewis by @willmackenzie

Klare Chamberlain, Environmental Manager at the award-winning ferry operator commented

“CalMac Ferries are delighted to support the #RoamResponsibly campaign. We are extremely privileged to operate within one of the most beautiful parts of the world are recognise our responsibility to do all that we can to protect and conserve our natural environment.  The #RoamResponsibly campaign has the ability to reach a wide audience and we fully support their message of responsible travel and enjoyment of the Scottish natural environment”

Look out for future partnerships and collaborations as we encourage you to #roamresponsibly while visiting the west coast islands.

More examples and information can be found on CalMac’s Biodiversity Report.

South Uist by  @jenniferfollis

South Uist by @jenniferfollis

Below is an extract of CalMac's Commitment to the Environment. Click here to find out more.

Our Commitment to the Environment

"CalMac Ferries is committed to supporting the aims of Scottish Government to provide a wealthier and fairer, smarter, healthier, safer and stronger, and greener Scotland.  We are a lifeline service provider in the Clyde and Hebrides Regions and are part of the DNA of the Highlands and islands, embedded in the local community where we play an integral part in the economic sustainability of the area's social and business life.  We will minimise impact on the marine and terrestrial environments in which we operate and wherever possible, enhance biodiversity and the quality of Scotland's natural environment for future generations to enjoy.

We are subject to both terrestrial and marine environmental legislation and strive to go beyond minimum compliance wherever possible.  We operate under the requirements of our ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System which identifies and mitigates the environmental risk of our operations.  Our environmental performance is managed by the Environmental Manager with support from across the organisation."


Isle of Eigg by  @elsaannukka

Isle of Eigg by @elsaannukka

Click the links below to find out more or to book your trip to visit the lovely Scottish islands.


CalMac’s Commitment to the Environment

CalMac Biodiversity Report

Great Bernera by  @katstewart01

Great Bernera by @katstewart01